In Other Worlds A. A. Attanasio

Review by Bill Johnston

In Other Worlds, despite its claim to be a sequel to Radix, has nothing to do with the original. It is about a man named Carl from our world who is brought to a world several billion years from now by a being who can perceive the flow of time. Carl falls in love in this strange place, and when his love is captured he goes back to the being who brought him from Earth. The being has expected her to be captured and his price for her rescue is for Carl to go back to the Earth of his time and get the being some necessary supplies. He agrees to go even though his presence could lure humanity's greatest enemy, the zotl, to Earth. The world of the far future is not well described except for its layout. It orbits a black hole and sunlight comes down to the hole as opposed to up from it, and the people live on floating chunks of rock which are connected by gravity distortions. At times Attanasio describes his "treknology," but it all seems pretty nonsensical to me. The book is rather well written, but is not really what I enjoy reading. It's more of an adventure than an idea.

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