Ben Brown

Project Scientist
The Robotics Institute, Newell-Simon Hall 4217
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891

Office phone: (412) 268-7658
Lab phone: (412) 268-3652
Fax: (412) 268-6436

My research interests are in the areas of design of mechanical and electromechanical systems in robotics. I am particularly interested in high-performance structures and mechanisms, elastic and kinetic energy storage, and dynamic stabilization of wheeled and legged robots. I began my robotics career working with Marc Raibert's Leg Lab at CMU, and we built some exciting running legged robots. (The lab has since moved to MIT, but you can still see some of our old robots on their website.) Recent projects include the development of a high-precision (micron resolution) manipulator for the Minifactory project and a  third-generation gyroscopically stabilized wheel (Gyrover).  Current projects  include a highly efficient hopping robot, (Bow Leg Hopper); the human-scale BowGo that employs Bow Leg technology; the Millibot Train, and the student Mobot competition. See the Gyrover on South Park!

Gyrover movie clip

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Bow Leg Hopper
Bow Go
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