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Daniel Jackson

Research Interests

Automatic analysis of software designs and specifications. Design methods, requirements, formal specification, model checking. Typography. More...

Some Recent Publications

  1. Faster Checking of Software Specifications By Eliminating Isomorphs. Daniel Jackson, Craig A. Damon and Somesh Jha. Proc. ACM Conf. on Principles of Programming Languages , January 1996.

  2. Elements of Style: Analyzing a Software Design Feature with a Counterexample Detector. Daniel Jackson and Craig Damon. IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering, Vol. 22, No. 7, July 1996.

  3. Automatic Analysis of Architectural Style. Daniel Jackson. submitted for publication.

  4. Detecting Shared Representations Using Type Inference. Robert O'Callahan and Daniel Jackson. Technical Report CMU-CS-95-202, September 1995.

  5. Problem Decomposition for Reuse. Daniel Jackson and Michael Jackson. Software Engineering Journal, Vol. 11, No. 1, January 1996.

  6. A New Model of Program Dependences for Reverse Engineering. Daniel Jackson and Eugene J. Rollins. Proc. SIGSOFT Conf. on Foundations of Software Engineering, New Orleans, Dec. 1994.

  7. Abstract Model Checking of Infinite Specifications. Daniel Jackson. Proc. Formal Methods Europe, Barcelona, Oct. 1994.

  8. Structuring Z Specifications With Views. ACM Trans. on Software Engineering and Methodology, Vol. 4, No. 4, October 1995.

Projects Nitpick , Chopshop

Groups Software Engineering, Composable Systems, Formal Methods

Current teaching (15-672: Methods of Software Development)

Programming Systems Seminar (schedule)

Fourth ACM Conf. on Foundations of Software Engineering

First ACM Workshop on Automated Analysis of Software

Students Craig Damon , Aaron Greenhouse , Robert O'Callahan
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