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The Fab Four

"Jerry"				"Elaine"
Jerry Seinfeld			Julia Louis-Dreyfus

"George"			"Kramer"
Jason Alexander			Michael Richards

Welcome to Vandelay Industries , purveyor of fine latex products.

Here is a collection of information about Seinfeld and the Seinfeld Mailing List, "Vandelay Industries".

Cardiff Movie Guide links to the Fab Four

S e i n f e l d

A collection of derived scripts from Seinfeld episodes. Thanks to Scott Simpson (
A collection of scanned images of The Fab Four from both print media and TV. Thanks to ??.
Subway Picture
A picture of the Four in a NYC Subway car.
More Pictures
Eight photos made available by NBC on AOL. Thanks to Joe Decker.
Every detail about everyone that has ever been associated with Seinfeld. Thanks to Scott Simpson.
A comprehensive listing of the Title and brief description of every Seinfeld that has been broadcast. Thanks to Bob Warznak (
WWW Version of the Episode Guide
A version of the Episode guide readable by Mosaic and other browers.
A complete list of "Seinfeld" ``Olympic Moments'' which aired during the Summer '92 Olympics on NBC. Thanks to Bob Warznak (
Seinfeld Sounds
If this isn't available, try this other site in Norway.
A mondo list of "Seinfeld" quotes compiled by Phil Corless.
Quotes (updated)
An even bigger list of "Seinfeld" quotes compiled by Phil Corless (Including episodes through "The Secretary", "The Label Maker" and "The Switch").
Jerry Stiller - "Dad" Costanza
Some info about Jerry Stiller - George's Dad
Larry David Interview
From the April 1994 isue of Laugh Factory.
Vandelay Meetings
Scripts from meetings of members of Vandelay Industries. Thanks to Bob, Steve and ??
Just another way to access all of the above.
VI Digests
All (almost) the email that has shown up on VI, the Seinfeld Mailing list. Maintained by Jim Stichnoth (
VI Pictures
Group photo of the Vandelayans at the filming of "The Sniffing Accountant."

Another Seinfeld Collection

A site in Norway.
Check out the Kramer Collage in the pictures section.

Other Entertainment

An extensive database server with Movie information. Check it out.
Movie and Video Info
A list of other net resources on movies and video.
Movie and Video Info
Same as previous but not hypertext.
Movie reviews appearing on Usenet.
Movie News Group
Archive of postings on rec.arts.movies
TV News Group
Archive of postings on
Collection of lyrics, discographies, etc.
On-Line Music Database
Searchable by Track, Album or Artist.
The All Music Guide (tm)
A massive collection that aims to include a description of every album ever published since Enrico Caruso. Caruso is noted in the recording industry as being the first artist that made people buy early phonographs just to hear his recordings. Milton Berle played a similar role with TV's in the dawn of the video era.
More Music
An FTP site with lyrics, pictures and more.
And Still More Music
This is a large set of links to more collections for music stuff.
And Even Still More Music
Another large set of links to music stuff (some repeats with above links).
Art From Syracuse University
With links to other on-line art.

Contributed Links

Links to other stuff contributed by readers of this page.

Firehose Tavern Comic Strip.
By Mark Hurst with links to other comic strips.

The Rest of the World-Wide-Web

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