Seinfeld Episode Capsules

Here are a collection of "scripts" from Seinfeld.

These were created by carefully watching and transcribing the episodes.

We can thank Scott Simpson ( and Raymond Chen ( for these.

"The Stakeout" [Series Premiere]
Jerry meets a girl at a party and "stakes out" her workplace to meet her again. (90.05.31)
"The Subway"
Each of our heroes has a different subway adventure. (92.01.04)
"The Pez Dispenser"
Elaine may ruin things for George and his new girlfriend after laughing at her piano recital. (92.01.15) [Incomplete]
"The Contest"
The infamous "who can hold out the longest" episode. (92.11.18)
"The Airport"
Jerry and Elaine fly from St. Louis to New York. (92.11.25)
"The Movie"
The Fab Four all try to meet up with each other while going to see a movie. (93.01.06)
"The Visa"
George's girlfriend, an immigrations lawyer, may help Jerry save his friend Babu from deportation. (93.01.15)
"The Outing"
Jerry and George are "Outed" by a mistaken news story. (93.02.11)
"The Old Man"
Jerry, George and Elaine volunteer to help out Senior Citizens. (93.02.18)
"The Implant"
Jerry isn't sure if his girlfriend's assets are real... (93.02.25)
"The Junior Mints"
Jerry and Kramer botch up a medical operation. (93.03.18)
"The Smelly Car"
Jerry's car is invaded by a relentless odor. (93.04.15)
"The Pilot"
Jerry and George's pilot is cast, taped, and aired. (93.05.20)
"The Glasses"
George's glasses are stolen; Jerry suspects his girlfriend of being unfaithful; Elaine is bitten by a dog. (93.05.20)