Welcome to my cozy Home on the Net!

Welcome!! Please come in, and excuse the mess. Make yourself at home, and feel free to root around. If you have brought me a fine pointer I could use, please let me know (phoebe @ zkm.de).

Yes, I know the decor is a little tacky, but after all, what is life without a little cheese?

Come here regularly? Important announcement: This page has become overgrown and cluttered, and is taking too much life energy. I will soon clear the whole thing out, making it both far less voluminous and far more useful (I hope). So if there are any links you find particularly useful, you may want to add them to your bookmarks before I delete them from my page.

My house has:

  • A home office
  • A pleasant music studio
  • An altar to ethnicity
  • A sunny playroom
  • An ever-so-tasteful picture gallery
  • An enlightening museum
  • A first aid kit
  • A spiritually uplifting chapel
  • A chambre de franglais
  • A delightfully aromatic kitchen
  • An evil opium den of capitalism.
  • A secret passageway to the attic, in which is kept her not-quite-so-well-balanced alter ego.
  • A sunny garden full of plants and other wild things.
  • A portal to whisk you to far-away locales
  • Windows to the external world, one of which looks onto the horrific happenings in Kosovo and Serbia.
  • Only the finest neighbors.
  • You may also come in through the back door (warning: PG-13!).