Word: butt (buht)

verb 1. To hit or push something with the head or horns. 2. To project forward or out. 3. To interfere or meddle in other people's affairs. 4. To join or be joined end to end; as in a butt joint.

noun 1. One that serves as an object of ridicule or contempt: was the butt of their jokes. 2. An obstacle behind a target for stopping the shot. 3. A limit; goal. 4. The larger or thicker end of something: the butt of a rifle. 5. An unburned end, as of a cigarette. 6. A short or broken remnant; stub. 7. A large cask. 8. A unit of volume equal to 126 U.S. gallons, or about 477 liters. 9. Informal. The buttocks; the rear end.

related 1. butt shaft: A blunt, unbarbed arrow. 2. butt weld: To join by a butt weld. 3. butt hinge: A hinge composed of two plates attached to abutting surfaces of a door and door jamb and joined by a pin.

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