Unstructured Decimation of Tessellated Domains
This is a generalization of decimation to higher dimensions (i.e., tetrahedralized volumes).
Some decimation-based multiresolution stuff from Nick Torkos.
This is basically the Schroeder et al. decimation algorithm, with more focus on constructing a multiresolution model during the decimation process.
Mesh reduction
from the Shastra project at Purdue.
Wavelets for Computer Graphics
Various information and papers on using wavelets in computer graphics.
3D Alpha Shapes
UNC Simplification Group
Another page of links to simplification-related information.
Geometric Modeling Group at the University of Genova
This is primarily terrain-related modeling work, with some volume modeling thrown in.
Visual Computing Group at CNR-Pisa
This is an actual large-scale virtual world. Just the sort of area where multiresolution models and model simplification would be most useful. They've done some work along these lines.

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