Research Papers

Simplification of Objects Rendered by Polygonal Approximations.
M. DeHaemer and M. Zyda. [ps]
Surface reconstruction from unorganized points.
H. Hoppe. [html]
Multiresolution Analysis for Surfaces of Arbitrary Topological Type. (Tech Report)
M. Lounsberry, T. DeRose, and J. Warren [ps]
Generating Levels of Detail for Large-Scale Polygonal Models.
A. Varshney, P. Agarwal, F. Brooks, W. Wright, and H. Weber. [ps]
Simplex Meshes: a General Representation for 3D Shape Reconstruction
H. Delingette [Tech Report/ps] [CVPR/ps]
Fast Multiresolution Surface Meshing.
M. Gross, R. Gatti, and O. Staadt. [TR 230/ps]
Surface Simplification Inside a Tolerance Volume.
A. Guéziec [ps]
Superfaces: Polygonal Mesh Simplification with Bounded Error
A. Kalvin and R. Taylor [pdf] [abstract]
Voxel-Based Object Simplification.
T. He, L. Hong, A. Kaufman, A. Varshney, and S. Wang. [ps] [abstract]
Multiresoultion modeling and visualization of volume data based on simplicial complexes.
P. Cignoni, L. De Floriani, C. Montani, E. Puppo, and R. Scopigno. [paper]

Terrain Approximation

Representation and Visualization of Terrain Surfaces at Variable Resolution
P. Cignoni, E. Puppo, and R. Scopigno. [ps]
Hierarchical Triangulation for Multiresolution Surface Description
L. De Floriani and E. Puppo. [ps]
Multiresolution Models for Topographic Surface Description
L. De Floriani, P. Marzano, and E. Puppo. [ps]
On Levels of Detail in Terrains
M. de Berg and K. Dobrindt. [ps]
Real-Time, Continuous Level of Detail Rendering of Height Fields
P. Lindstrom, D. Koller, W. Ribarsky, L. Hodges, N. Faust, and G. Turner. [ps]
Level-of-detail Management for Real-Time Rendering of Phototextured Terrain
P. Lindstrom, D. Koller, W. Ribarsky, L. Hodges, N. Faust, and G. Turner. [ps]
Automatic Generation of Triangular Irregular Networks using Greedy Cuts
C. Silva, J. Mitchell, and A. Kaufman. [ps]
Surface Approximation and Geometric Partitions.
P. Agarwal and S. Suri. [ps]
Decimation of 2D Scalar Data with Error Control.
D. Schikore and C. Bajaj. [abstract] [ps]
Hierarchical model for natural terrain using topographic triangular meshes
R. Fayek and A. Wong. [ps]
Temporal Continuity of Levels of Detail in Delaunay Triangulated Terrain.
D. Cohen-Or and Y. Levanoni. [ps]

Geometry Compression

Geometric Compression through Topological Surgery
G. Taubin and J. Rossignac. [ps]

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