Deepak Bapna

Field Robotics Center
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Phone: (412) 268-8158
Fax: (412) 268-5895


Configuration, Modeling, Analysis and Control of Electromechanical systems; Automation; RF Communications; Project Management


Ph.D. Robotics. Ongoing. The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. GPA-3.96/4.0, Expected Graduation: Nov. 1997.
M.S. Mechanical Engineering. June 1992. Boston University, Boston, MA. GPA-3.97/4.0.
B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering. May 1990. Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India. GPA-3.46/4.0.

Ph.D. Project: High Bandwidth Communication from Moving Vehicles . Developing a communication system for high bandwidth communication from vehicles moving in rough terrain. The challenge is to point the antenna on the robot towards the receiver in presence of disturbances as the robot traverses a rough terrain.

Master's Thesis: Stability of Sliding Systems with Friction Subject to Varying Normal Stress Analyzed the stability of sliding systems with friction and which operate at very low velocities (such as pointing and tracking mechanisms and precision applications). Derived a stability condition that covers a large range of mechanisms.


Research Scientist, Dec 92 - Aug 93, Pyrotech India Pvt. Ltd., Udaipur, India. Research Assistant, Jan 91 - Aug 91, Jan 92 - Sept. 92, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Boston University, Boston, MA. Teaching Experience


The Atacama Desert Trek: Lead for the communication system for the Desert Trek. Responsible for the design and implementation of the communication system, control of the antenna pointing mechanism, satellite contracts and related activities.

Lunar Rover Initiative: Lead for the communication system, thermal system and frequency licensing for the program. The mission involves a 1000km traverse of a rover on the moon, visiting historical landing sites, and involving audience participation through teleoperation and high-quality images and video return.

DanteII: Investigated methods for estimating sinkage of Dante's leg. Dante is a 8-legged walking robot which explored the volcano, Mt. Spurr in July 1994. Also, developed a sensor to measure the exit angle of the tether.

Xavier: Xavier is an indoor mobile robot developed for office delivery tasks. Implemented obstacle avoidance and trash detection for Xavier using laser line striper. Participated in 1994 AAAI robot competition held at Seattle.

Manipulation: Programmed Merlin 6-axis Robot to perform writing. Designed and implemented a compliant pen to take into account the unevenness of the writing surface.

Nuclear: Designed inspection mechanisms for remote inspection of a nuclear vessel. The primary objective was to enable the mechanism to carry sensors to all the locations in the vessel. Various conceptual designs were considered, two of which were designed in detail.


Mobile Robot Design; Computer Vision; Advanced AI; Advanced Manipulation; Microprocessor Based Instrumentation and Control' Dynamic Systems Theory; Vision, Robotics and Planning; Process Controls; Adaptive Control, Automatic Controls.

Computer Skills

Languages: C, Fortran, Intel 8085 Assembly language.
Systems: UNIX, VAX/VMS, XWindows.
Applications: Matlab, Mathematica, ProE.




Other Interests


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