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Well, you asked..

Bhiksha gestures hypnotically (and now you are spellbound)..
Bhiksha Raj
Ph.D Student
Affiliations: School of Computer Science and Dept. of ECE
Office: Porter Hall, B-43
Department of ECE
5000 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Home: (412) 687-2310
Office: (412) 268-7115
Lab: (412) 268-2530
FAX: (412) 268-3890
Advisor: Prof. Richard M. Stern

I live in a cute apartment in Bloomfield. I even have a homepage for it. I used to have a homepage for my previous residence too. And for the one before that as well.
I may be away through spring '96 working at Philips Reseach in Aachen, Germany. On the other hand, I may not :-).
If I do, I hope to inveigle my friend Daniel Tapias at T.I.D into inviting me over to give a talk.

What do I do for a living?

I work on algorithms that make automatic speech recognition systems robust to the effects of noise and changes in recording conditions. I, have developed, along with my friend Pedro Moreno, a whole bunch of algorithms for robustness.
I also dabble a bit in other stuff sometimes..


  • A Vector Taylor Series approach to robust speech recognition (Enroute SAP)
  • A unified approach to robust speech recogniton (to appear in Speech Communication)
  • Supervised word sense disambiguation experiments giving comparable results (submitted to Computational Linguistics)
  • A Vector Power Series approach to environmental robustness for ASR systems (ICSLP-96)
  • (Another half dozen or so papers not worth mentioning)
    I hope to get my thesis proposal done this semester.

    What do I do for a life?

    I travel, I take pictures, I read, I swim, I jog, I hope to do a 10 km segment of this year's Pittsburgh marathon, sometimes I play tennis... 8-/
    I need a life!!
    Unfortunately, I left my heart behind, at home.

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