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RI | Seminar | May 11

Special Robotics Institute Seminar, May 11
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Overview of Robotic Research, Development, and Application Activities at Sandia National Laboratories

Larry Shipers

ISRCs System Technologies Department

Sandia National Laboratories




Time and Place

NSH 3305
Talk 10:00-11:30 am



Sandia is a multi program laboratory devoted to national security issues.  The Intelligent Systems and Robotics Center (ISRC) is an entity within Sandia, which focus on research, development, and applications concerning intelligent mechatronics.  This presentation will provide an overview of Sandia National Laboratories; its prime mission and core technical competencies followed by a more in-depth survey of the accomplishments and ongoing R-D-A activities of the ISRC.



Speaker Biography

Larry Shipers is the manager of the ISRCs System Technologies Department.  He received his B.S., M.S., and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Missouri at Rolla.  Larry came to Sandia in 1985 and began working toward the establishment of national nuclear waste repositories.  In 1988, Larry transitioned into advanced nuclear power systems focusing primarily on the development of nuclear rocket propulsion systems.  Since 1993, Larry has worked in the ISRC where he has participated in and led the development of intelligent robotic systems.





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