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RI | Seminar | October 3

Robotics Institute Seminar, October 3
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Case Studies of Robotic Technology Transfer

Steve DiAntonio and Bill Ross
National Robotics Engineering Consortium (NREC), CMU

Time and Place

Mauldin Auditorium (NSH 1305)
Refreshments 3:15 pm
Talk 3:30 pm


The National Robotics Engineering Consortium (NREC) was created as a robotics technology transfer and commercialization organization in 1996. Over that time, the NREC has grown substantially in the number and size of its projects, and more importantly, has improved its track record for technology transfer. The first half of this talk will present brief case studies of successful and unsuccessful commercialization projects to highlight typical obstacles that must be overcome to commercialize technology. The second half of the talk will describe in detail an exciting machine vision project underway with both NREC and RI researchers that has strong potential to dramatically reduce the cost of pharmaceutical drug discovery.

The PsychoGenics SmartCube project automates the study of mouse behavior by combining custom-designed hardware, computer vision software, and data mining techniques. The SmartCube can produce rich behavioral data in quantities which have never been seen before, enabling PsychoGenics to amass a powerful database describing the behavioral effects of thousands of potential drug compounds. The SmartCube concept shows great promise for the discovery of new, powerful drugs to treat depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and other psychological disorders.

Speaker Biographies

Steve DiAntonio has been Director for Strategic Business Development at the NREC for 4 years and is responsible for obtaining sponsored research funding from industrial and government clients. He has a total of 19 years experience in senior sales and marketing positions for technology development organizations, software companies and electronics manufacturing companies. He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University and an MBA from Harvard University.

Bill Ross has been a staff member in RI for 13 years and has worked on a variety of robotics and computer vision projects. For the past 3 years, Bill has been at the NREC working on the commercialization of RI computer vision and robotics technologies.

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