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DITOPS design philosophy is based on the desire of providing the user maximum visibility of the solution generated, and maximum flexibility to change this solution, with the guarantee that the solution is always in a consistent state.

The system operation is event driven. All commands are available in the form of menus. The system responds to each command issued by the user. Loading files, creating different views, manipulating the schedule, and customizing the problem solving behavior are some of the high level commands available to the user. We will explain some of the commands as we proceed with our demonstration.

  1. Load Resources
  2. Load Move Requirements
  3. Create Resource View Menu
  4. Aircraft Utilization View
  5. Aircraft View by Cargo Type
  6. Move Requirement View
  7. Airport Utilization View
  8. Tonnage Graph
  9. Latenes Histogram
  10. Critical Lateness Coloring
  11. Add 5 C5s to the Fleet
  12. Aircraft Fleet View
  13. Unschedule Late Movements on C5 Fleet
  14. Reschedule Late Movements using new C5s
  15. Tonnage Graph after Rescheduling C5 late movements
  16. Select Trip on Aircraft View
  17. Show the Move Requirement View for the Selected Trip
  18. Select Move Requirement on Move Requirement View
  19. Highlight all Trips of a Selected Move Requirement
  20. Unschedule Selected Move Requirement
  21. Reschedule Selected Move Requirement
  22. Unschedule Remaining Critically Late Move Requirements
  23. Reschedule Remaining Critically Late Move Requirements
  24. Lateness Histogram after Rescheduling
  25. Move Time and Make Resource Unavailable (breakdown)
  26. Reschedule after Resource Breakdown
  27. Close a Port for some Period of Time
  28. Reschedule Trips Arriving/Leaving Closed Airport

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