The DITOPS Demo:
Load Resources

Load Resource Model.

The situation is the set of resources available to solve the transportation problem we are presented. DITOPS does not make any a priori assumption about the resource availability and configuration. All information is loaded from a file. The situation file contains the general resource type descriptions, particular resource configurations for the problem, number of resources available of each type, and availability period. The situation we are using in this demonstration is in the file DEMO.SCENARIO. This file contains descriptions for ships, tankers, and airplanes. We will be using only airplanes in this demonstration. In our situation we have 5 C5s configured to carry 80 stons of cargo; 14 C141Bs configured to carry 22 passengers and 30 stons of cargo; and 8 C130s configured to carry 8 passengers and 13 stons of cargo. The ports to be used are also part of the situation and are loaded before the transportation resources. We do not know in advance what ports would be used by the movements so we preprocess the entire tpffd file and load all required ports.