The Nectar Project

This is the World Wide Web home page of the ARPA-funded Gigabit Nectar project in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

The Nectar project at CMU addresses the problem of building high-performance networks and works with applications groups to explore how their applications can benefit from the availability of high-speed networks. The project has evolved through three distinct phases: the original Nectar project (now called Prototype Nectar), Gigabit Nectar and an ATM-based effort called Credit Net.

General Information

  • Gigabit Nectar Overview.
  • Gigabit Nectar Project Members.
  • Nectar Testbed.
  • Credit Net.
  • Papers

  • Gigabit Nectar.
  • Nectar tools and applications
  • ``prototype'' Nectar system.
  • Related Projects

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  • Dome.
  • Scotch parallel storage.
  • Environmental modeling NSF grand challenge application.
  • Multicomputer project.