Papers on Gigabit Nectar

This page lists papers on the Gigabit Nectar system. Separate pages list papers on the Nectar system and Nectar tools and applications.

  • Peter A. Steenkiste, Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Single-Copy Protocol Stack, to appear in Software - Practice and Experience. postscript.

  • Peter A. Steenkiste, H.T. Kung, Steven J. Schlick, Brian D. Zill, Jim Hughes, Bob Kowalski, John Mullaney, A Host Interface Architecture for High-Speed Networks. 4th IFIP conference on High Performance Networking, Liege, Belgium, December 1992. postscript, compressed.

  • Peter Steenkiste. A Systematic Approach to Host Interface Design for High-Speed Networks. IEEE Computer, March 1994. postscript, compressed.

  • Peter Steenkiste, Michael Hemy, Todd Mummert, and Brian Zill. Architecture and Evaluation of a High-Speed Networking Subsystem for Distributed-Memory Systems. The 21st Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture, ACM/IEEE, May 1994. postscript, compressed.

  • Thomas Gross and Peter Steenkiste. Architecture Implications of High-Speed I/O for Distributed-Memory Computers. Proceedings of the 8th ACM International Conference on Supercomputing, ACM, Manchester, England, July 1994. postscript, compressed.

  • Claudson Bornstein and Peter Steenkiste. Data Reshuffling in Support of Fast I/O for Distributed-Memory Machines. Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on High-Performance Distributed Computing, IEEE, San Fransisco, August 1994. postscript.

  • Qingming Ma and Peter Steenkiste. Performance of Circuit Switched LANs under Different Traffic Conditions. Proceedings of the 19th Conference on Local Computer Networks, IEEE, Minneapolis, October 1994. postscript.

  • Karl Kleinpaste, Peter Steenkiste and Brian Zill. Software Support for Outboard Buffering and Checksumming. ACM SIGCOMM '95 Symposium, Boston, August 1995. postscript.

  • Michael Hemy and Peter Steenkiste. Gigabit IO for Distributed-Memory Systems: Architecture and Applications. Supercomputing '95, ACM/IEEE, San Diego, December 1995. postscript.

  • Bruce Siegell and Peter Steenkiste. Controlling Application Grain Size on a Network of Workstations. Supercomputing '95, ACM/IEEE, San Diego, December 1995. postscript.

  • Bruce Siegell and Peter Steenkiste. Automatic Selection of Load Balancing Parameters Using Compile-time and Run-time Information, Concurrency: Practice and Experience, Volume 9, Number 4, April 1997, pages 275-317. postscript.

  • Robert Clay and Peter Steenkiste. Distributing a Chemical Process Optimization Application over a Gigabit Network. Supercomputing '95, ACM/IEEE, San Diego, December 1995. postscript.

  • Peter Steenkiste. A High-Speed Network Interface for Distributed-Memory Systems: Architecture and Applications. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, Volume 15, Number 1, February 1997, pages 75-109. postscript.

  • Jaspal Subhlok, Peter Steenkiste, James Stichnoth, and Peter Lieu. Airshed Pollution Modeling: A Case Study in Application Development in an HPF Environment. International Parallel Processing Symposium, IEEE, April 1998, Orlando. postscript

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