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Macintosh Archiving and Compression Programs

This directory contains macintosh implementations of binhex/sit/sea/cpt and the UNIX/PC equivalents. Some of the Unix/PC equivalents also handle other Macintosh compression facilities, which is why this directory is so general. File extensions include cpt Compact Pro for Mac sea Self-Extracting Archive sit Stuffit for Macintosh hqx BinHex
Origin:  []  (Mac)
   as the files compact-pro-133.hqx and stuffit-lite-30.hqx
   as the files binhex4.0.bin and desea1.11.cpt.hqx (Unix)
   as the files mcvert-215.shar.gz and unsit-15-unix.shar                   (MSDOS)
   as the files and

CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Archiving Software, BinHex hqx@{{\tt .hqx}}, Compact Pro Archives, MacBinary, Self-Extracting Archives, Stuffit, Utilities, compress@{{\tt compress}}, cpt@{{\tt .cpt}}, sea@{{\tt .sea}}, sit@{{\tt .sit}} References: ?
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