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GNU Smalltalk: GNU's implementation of Smalltalk

A free and portable C implementation of Smalltalk, from the folks at GNU. GNU Smalltalk attempts to be a reasonably faithful implementation of Smalltalk-80 as described in the "Blue Book", also know as "Smalltalk-80, the Language and its Implementation", by Adele Goldberg and David Robson. The syntax that the language accepts and the byte codes that the virtual machine interprets are exactly as they appear in the Blue Book. Most of the primitives are the same as well, although due to the differing nature of the implementation some of the primitives haven't been implemented, and other new ones have been. GNU Smalltalk includes an incremental garbage collector, binary image save capability, C-callout (allows Smalltalk to invoke user-written C code and pass parameters to it), GNU Emacs editing mode, optional byte code compilation tracing and byte code execution tracing, automatically loaded per-user initialization files, and STIX (the SmallTalk Interface to X).

Version: Unix 1.1.1 (15-SEP-91); DOS 1.1.1 (12-SEP-93) Ports: Unix (Apollo, DS3100, Encore, HP 9000/300, HP 9000/800, Iris 4d, News, NeXT, Pyramid BSD, RT ACIS, Sequent, SunOS 3, SunOS 4, tek4310, and Vax), Atari, i386 SYSV, MS-DOS. Copying: GNU GPL v1. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: (gatewayed to the gnu.smalltalk.bug newsgroup) Author(s): Steve Byrne (GNU Smalltalk) Jim Pannozzi <> (DOS port) Keywords: Authors!Byrne, Authors!Pannozzi, GNU, GNU GPL, Interpreters!Smalltalk, Programming Languages!Smalltalk, STIX, Smalltalk!Implementations References: Includes tutorial.tar, Andrew Valencia, "A Tutorial for GNU Smalltalk", February 27, 1993.
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