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SchemeWEB: Generate Lisp and LaTeX code from the same source file.

SchemeWEB provides simple support for literate programming in Lisp. SchemeWEB version 2.0 is a Unix filter that allows you to generate both Lisp and LaTeX code from one source file. The generated LaTeX code formats Lisp programs in typewriter font obeying the spacing in the source file. Comments can include arbitrary LaTeX commands. SchemeWEB was originally developed for the Scheme dialect of Lisp, but it can easily be used with most other dialects. A SchemeWEB file is a Lisp source file which contains code sections and comment sections, but each section is identified in a novel way. A code section begins with a line whose first character is a left parenthesis. It continues until a line is found which contains the parenthesis that matches the one which started the code section. The remaining lines of text in the source file are treated as comments.
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Version: 2.0 (25-FEB-94) Copying: Copyright 1994 by The MITRE Corporation Use, copying, modification, and distribution permitted. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): John D. Ramsdell Keywords: Authors!Ramsdell, LaTeX, Lisp!Utilities, Literate Programming!Lisp, Literate Programming!Scheme, Scheme!Utilities, SchemeWEB References: ?
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