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Lisp2TeX: For inserting Scheme/Lisp code in TeX files.

LiSP2TeX is a system that allows easy insertions of Scheme, or Lisp, code towards TeX files. The originality of LiSP2TeX is that it extracts Scheme definitions from the files where they appear and wraps them appropriately within TeX macros for insertion into the documentation file. LiSP2TeX decorrelates writing documentation from programming: it is therefore possible to separately develop programs and documentations and to merge them at the end to produce up to date final documents. LiSP2TeX also has some pretty-printing capabilities to produce denotations full of greek letters. Documentation is included in the distribution.

Version: 4-FEB-94 Ports: Scheme->C, Bigloo, Copying: Use, copying, modification, and distribution permitted. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Christian Queinnec Laboratoire d'Informatique de l'X Ecole Polytechnique 91128 Palaiseau, France Christian Queinnec INRIA -- Rocquencourt Domaine de Voluceau, BP 105 78153 Le Chesnay Cedex, France Keywords: Authors!Queinnec, LiSP2TeX, Lisp!Utilities, Literate Programming!Lisp, Literate Programming!Scheme, Scheme!Utilities, TeX References: ?
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