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XSCM: X windows support library for the SCM Scheme interpreter

XSCM is an X Windows interface to Xlib and the Motif and OpenLook toolkits for the SCM interpreter.
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Version: 1.05 (15-AUG-92) Requires: SCM 4a10 or later. Ports: Tested on Dell System V Release 4.0, Sequent Symmetry with Dynix/ptx, HP 9000/835 with HP-UX 8.0, and Silicon Graphics Irix 4.0.2. Copying: Copyright (c) 1992 by The Boston Software Works, a company founded by Larry Campbell. You can do anything you want with it, even sell it, as long as you preserve the copyright notices. Updated: Thu Nov 10 23:23:07 1994 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Larry Campbell Contact: Aubrey Jaffer 84 Pleasant Street Wakefield, MA 01880 Keywords: Authors!Campbell, GUI!Scheme, Motif, OpenLook, Programming Languages!Scheme, SCM, Scheme!Implementations, X-Windows!Interfaces for Scheme, XSCM, Xlib References: ?
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