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Schematik: MIT Scheme for the NeXT

On the NeXT, MIT Scheme is available as part of the Schematik package, which provides a NeXT front-end for the Scheme programming language. Schematik includes an editor, user interface, graphics, and "robotics" support for Lego and the like.
   Schematik is also apparently included on NeXT's
   "Educational Software Sampler" CD-ROM.

Version: Schematik; MIT Scheme 7.1.3 Ports: NeXT (NeXTOS 2 or 3). CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mailing List: Discussion occurs on the newsgroup comp.lang.scheme.c. Contact: Keywords: C Scheme, Edwin, GUI!Scheme, Liar, MIT Scheme, NeXT, Programming Languages!Scheme, Schematik, Scheme Front-End, Scheme!Implementations Contains: source.tar.gz SchematikSource1.1.5.2.tar.gz newbinfs.tar.gz Schematik-new-in- binfs.tar.gz Schematik- v1152.tar.gz Schematik- References: ?
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