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6.001: MIT Scheme Problem Set Database

This directory contains the User's Manual, example code, and problem sets from MIT's course "6.001 Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs". Some of the examples come from the SICP book. The problem sets include most of those used in the course from Spring 1981 through Spring 1990. No solutions are included, but the problem sets are organized according to the subject matter that they cover. Also included is a history of the problem set usage in 6.001, and some Scheme problem sets not developed at MIT. The database of problem sets was organized by Franklyn Turbak.

Version: 1.0 (11-APR-90) Copying: Copyright (c) 1985-94 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Problem sets may be reproduced for use with Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Harold Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman with Julie Sussman MIT Press, 1985 Use, copying, and distribution of the software is permitted; see copyright notice in the files for details. Updated: Thu Nov 10 23:19:14 1994 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mailing List: none Contact: Hal Abelson Keywords: 6.001, Authors!Abelson, Authors!Turbak, Lecture Notes, MIT, Problem Sets, SICP, Scheme!Documents, Teaching Materials References: ?
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