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Proxy: Rapid Prototyping/Specification Language with Scheme interface

Proxy is an interpreter for a rapid prototyping/specification language with C/C++ like syntax based on modelling software using data structures such as sets, maps, sequences, structures and objects. It allows the developer to make incremental changes to a design and test them immediately. Proxy is written in Scheme, provides a Scheme interface, and currently runs under MS-DOS. New in version 1.4 is a non-preemptive CSP-like multi-tasking facility. The distribution includes the interpreter, documentation and examples. Proxy is implemented in XScheme. A PC Scheme port is available from the author.

Version: 1.4 (23-SEP-94) Copying: Copyright (c) 1991-94 by Burt Leavenworth. All rights reserved. Free use, copying, and distribution permitted; see proxy.doc file in the distribution for details. Updated: Tue Oct 4 23:09:52 1994 CD-ROM: Author(s): Burt Leavenworth or <> 23419 S. Mirabella Circle Boca Raton, FL 33433 Keywords: Authors!Leavenworth, Programming Languages!Scheme, Proxy!Implementations, Rapid Prototyping, Scheme!Code Contains: ? References: Alexander, H. and Jones, V., Software Design and Prototyping using me too, Prentice-Hall, New York, 1990. Jones, C.B., Systematic Software Development Using VDM, Prentice-Hall, New York, 1986. Hekmatpour, S. and Ince, D., Software Prototyping, Formal Methods and VDM, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1988. Leavenworth, Burt, Proxy: A Scheme-Based Prototyping Language, Dr. Dobb's Journal, March, 1993. Schwartz, J.T. et al, Programming with Sets: An Introduction to SETL, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1986.
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