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Partial evaluator for a first-order Scheme subset

This directory contains a self-applicable partial evaluator for a first-order Scheme subset from Chapter 5 and Appendix A of the book N.D. Jones, C.K. Gomard, and P. Sestoft, "Partial Evaluation and Automatic Program Generation" Prentice Hall International 1993. 415 pages, ISBN 0-13-020249-5 ($44.95). Also included is a revised version of the code, conforming to IEEE Scheme + eval, that works with Aubrey Jaffer's SCM version 4c5.
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   as the files Scheme0.tar.Z and Scheme0-ieee.tar.Z

Updated: Fri Oct 7 18:14:20 1994 CD-ROM: Author(s): Peter Sestoft Keywords: Metacircular Evaluation, Partial Evaluation, Scheme!Code Contains: scm0ieee.tgz The IEEE Scheme version of the evaluator. scm0.tgz The partial evaluator. book.txt Preface and table of contents from the book. References: ?
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