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POEM: Prolog Object-Oriented Embedded Manager

POEM (Prolog Object-Oriented Embedded Manager) is a simple object-oriented programming package for Prolog. It includes notions of classes, objects, and subclasses, similar to Simula-67. There is no error detection mechanism. POEM comes from a Poplog Users' Group tape in early 1987. (The original code is from 1985.) This version includes some small changes to improve portability suggested by Nick Youd of Cambridge University's Engineering Department.
Origin: (
   as poem.tar.Z

Version: 10-SEP-88 Ports: Edinburgh-compatible Prologs. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Ben Staveley-Taylor Plessey Electronic Systems Research Ltd., Roke Manor, ROMSEY, Hants. SO5 0ZN. Tel. Romsey (0794) 515222 ext 311 Keywords: Authors!Staveley-Taylor, OOP!Prolog, POEM, Prolog!Code References: Documentation includes a description of POEM's class description syntax, main predicates, and how class descriptions are translated into Prolog. (see poem.txt)
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