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LM-Prolog: Prolog implemented in ZetaLisp for Lisp Machines.

LM-Prolog is an implementation of Prolog for the MIT family of Lisp Machines. The Prolog dialect differs quite a bit from the Edinburgh Prolog family of dialects both in terms of syntax and built-in predicates. The bulk of the code was written in 1983, when the authors were at Uppsala University. The implementation compiles Prolog predicates to Lisp functions, using success continuations to emulate the Prolog control structure. It is implemented in ZetaLisp and depends on features of ZetaLisp that will make it hard to port to Common Lisp, such as locatives, invisible pointers, and flavors. Examples include a Concurrent Prolog interpreter, Warren's benchmarks, Turtle graphics demos, and the Grammar Kit.

Version: 4-JAN-90 Ports: LM-PROLOG is written in ZetaLisp and is not easily portable to Common Lisp. Copying: Use and distribution permitted. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Ken Kahn Mats Carlsson Keywords: Authors!Carlsson, Authors!Kahn, Benchmarks, Concurrent Prolog, Grammar Kit, Interpreters!Prolog, LM-Prolog, LMI Lambda, Lisp Machines, Programming Languages!Prolog, Prolog!Implementations, Symbolics, Turtle Graphics, ZetaLisp References: K.M. Kahn, "A Grammar Kit in Prolog", in New Horizons in Educational Computing ed. Yazdani M., Ellis Horwood Ltd., Chichester, U.K., 1983, and in Proc. AISB Easter Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education, April 1983, and UPMAIL Technical Report 14C, revised February 1985. K.M. Kahn, "Unique Features of LISP Machine Prolog", UPMAIL Technical Report 15B, revised February 1985. K.M. Kahn, "A Primitive for the Control of Logic Programs", Proc. 1984 Symposium on Logic Programming, Atlantic City, and UPMAIL Technical Report 16, February 1983. M. Carlsson, "LM-Prolog - The Language and its Implementation", UPMAIL Technical Report 30, October 1984. [UPMAIL TR's are available from: Librarian, UPMAIL, PO Box 520, S-75120 UPPSALA, Sweden.]
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