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Goedel: Prolog-like language with improved declarative semantics.

GOEDEL is intended to be a declarative successor to Prolog. The main design aim of Goedel is to have functionality and expressiveness similar to Prolog, but to have greatly improved declarative semantics compared with Prolog. This improved declarative semantics has substantial benefits for program construction, compilation, verification, debugging, analysis, transformation, and so on. Considerable emphasis is placed on Goedel's meta-logical facilities, since this is where Prolog is most deficient. In particular, Goedel has declarative replacements for Prolog's var, nonvar, assert, and retract. Goedel is a strongly typed language, its type system being based on many-sorted logic with parametric polymorphism. Goedel's features include a module system, support for infinite precision integers, infinite precision rationals, and floating-point numbers, and support for processing of finite sets. It can solve constraints over finite domains of integers and also linear rational constraints. It supports processing of finite sets. It also has a flexible computation rule and a pruning operator which generalizes the commit of the concurrent logic programming languages. The release includes the Goedel system, the SAGE partial evaluator for Godel, a user manual, and 50 example programs.
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Version: 1.4 (16-MAY-94); 1.3.27 (24-JAN-94) Ports: Goedel must be compiled in SICStus Prolog 2.1 #6 or later; Sparc and Linux executables are included in the distribution. Copying: Copyright (c) June 1992 by Goedel Group, University of Bristol. Use and modification permitted for research and educational purposes. Commercial use prohibited. (See the copyright notice in src/ for details.) Please send an email message to the contact listed below (with your name, institution and address) when you obtain a copy of Goedel. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mailing List: To subscribe to the mailing list, send mail to Author(s): The Goedel language was designed by P.M. Hill and J.W. Lloyd, and the language was implemented by A. Bowers and J. Wang. SAGE was written by Corin Gurr. Department of Computer Science University of Bristol Contact: Keywords: Authors!Gurr, Authors!Hill, Authors!Lloyd, Debuggers, Declarative Semantics, Goedel, Meta-Programming, Parallel Logic Programming, Partial Evaluation!Goedel, Program Analysis, Program Transformation, Programming Languages!Logic, Prolog!Debuggers, Prolog!Implementations, SAGE Contains: sage/ Self-Applicable Goedel partial Evaluator, Gurr's thesis. user manual, and example programs. running Linux 0.99.15 and SPARCstations, and source code, v1_4/ Version 1.4 of Goedel, including executables for PCs v1_3_27/ Version 1.3.27 of Goedel, including Sparc executable. References: Patricia Hill and John Lloyd, "The Godel Programming Language", MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1994. ISBN 0-262-08229-2 ($45.00).
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