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PI and Ytoolkit: Prolog interfaces to X-Windows

PI (Portable Interfaces for Prolog applications) is an interface between Prolog applications and the X Window System that aims to be independent from the Prolog engine, provided that it has a Quintus-style foreign function interface (such as SICStus, YAP). It is mostly written in Prolog and is divided into two libraries: 1. Edipo, a low-level interface to the Xlib functions that allows you to create and manage windows, use graphical primitives, and receive events, and 2. Ytoolkit, a high-level user interface toolkit that allows you to create and manage graphical objects, define new classes of objects, and handle user interaction.
   as pi_1.2.tar.gz and ytoolkit.tar.Z

Version: PI -- 1.2 (16-SEP-93); YToolkit (25-May-93) Requires: Quintus-style foreign function interface. Ports: PI has been tested in Quintus Prolog 3.1.1 and SICStus 2.1 #8. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Ze' Paulo Leal Universidade de Porto CIUP R.Campo Alegre, 823 4000 PORTO PORTUGAL Tel: +351 2 6001672 (ext.109) Fax: +351 2 6003654 Keywords: Authors!Leal, GUI!Prolog, Graphics, HCI, PI, X-Windows, Ytoolkit References: Documentation and some demos are included in the distribution.
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