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GULP: Graph Unification and Logic Programming

GULP (Graph Unification Logic Programming) is a Prolog preprocessor for unification-based grammar. It translates feature structures into standard Prolog programs. GULP is as powerful and concise as PATR-II and other grammar development tools, while retaining all the versatility of Prolog.
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Ports: Quintus Prolog, Arity Prolog CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Michael A. Covington Artificial Intelligence Programs University of Georgia Athens, Georgia 30602-7415 Tel: 706-542-0359 Keywords: Authors!Covington, GULP, Parsing, Prolog!Code, Prolog!Parsing References: Michael A. Covington "GULP 2.0: An Extension of Prolog for Unification-Based Grammar", Research Report AI-1989-01, Artificial Intelligence Program, University of Georgia, 1989 [A copy is included in the distribution.]
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