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Collection of miscellaneous Prolog code/extensions.


   atn/       ATN: Prolog transition net interpreter.
   cugini/    CUGINI Extensions: NBS/ICST Prolog Utility 
   dlists/    DLISTS: Prolog doubly-linked list package.
   env/       O'Keefe's Environment Package for enhancing 
              Prolog portability
   fw_rules/  FW_Rules: Support for Forward Chaining Rules in 
   id/        Prolog Iterative Deepening Interpreter
   interval/  INTERVALS: Prolog sets-as-interval predicates
   jorge/     Prolog list-handling predicates.
   length/    Bounded-length version of the list-length 
   trees/     Prolog 2-3 Trees Package
   vaucher/   Jean Vaucher's implementation of structures in 
This directory contains a variety of extensions to Prolog and miscellaneous Prolog code.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Prolog!Code, Prolog!Extensions
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