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Demo Prolog programs from Expert Systems Ltd. (ESL), Oxford.

This package contains a number of demonstration programs written by Expert Systems Ltd. The programs include: AUTOC - a simple compiler-compiler and sample language definition CLASSY - a classificatory expert system, which comes with a rule-editor, and sample animals database DBAQL - a general-purpose database program PCED - a clause-editor, with which you can edit clauses from inside Prolog ROADMAP - a simple route-planner SYMDIFF - symbolic differentiator
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Version: 6-MAY-92 Ports: ESL's Prolog interpreters, of course. Copying: These programs originally distributed as examples with ESL's Prolog-1 interpreters, and have now been made freely available. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Expert Systems Ltd Magdalen Science Park Oxford, UK Keywords: Clause Editor, Compiler-Compiler, Database Package for Prolog, Demo Version, ESL, Expert System Shells, Expert Systems Ltd., Prolog!Code, Prolog!Demo Packages, Route Planner, Symbolic Differentiation References: ?
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