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Prolog Benchmarking Suites

This directory contains code for benchmarking Prolog implementation compatibility and performance. Naive reverse is the classical benchmark for computing LIPS (Logical Inferences Per Second). However, the utility of small benchmark programs like naive reverse (NREV) is questionable, since it may not necessarily reflect overall system performance. For example, NREV doesn't exercise the two main features of Prolog -- backtracking and unification. In practice, performance on large programs is much more important. Some of the benchmarks use larger programs, such as cryptarithms, theorem provers, and chart parsing, to give a better picture of system performance on real problems. Thus it is better to use the Pereira or Holmer benchmarks than the NREV benchmark.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: 8-Queens, Benchmarks!Prolog, Chart Parsing, Cryptarithms, Database Querying, Parsing, Prolog!Benchmarks, Prolog!Code, Quicksort, Symbolic Differentiation, Theorem Proving Contains: (WGSYM of Information Processing Society of Japan) wgsym.tar The 1985 WGSYM Lisp/Prolog contest benchmarks portland.tar The Tektronix/Portland State Univ benchmarks plbench.txt A short post of benchmarks by Brahme the costs of tail calls vs. nontail calls. term matching and term construction costs and benchmark suites, such as procedure call cost, separate costs normally conflated in other a Prolog system. This benchmark tries to strengths and weaknesses in the basic engine of These benchmarks are designed to identify pereira.tar Fernando Pereira's benchmarks (26-DEC-86) pereira.txt Zurich University Norbert Fuchs, Department of Computer Science, Prolog "Naive List Reverse" Benchmark parsing, among others. theorem provers, database querying, and chart quicksort, 8-queens puzzle, cryptarithms, benchmarks. Includes symbolic differentiation, holmer.tar Bruce Holmer, Peter Van Roy, and Alvin Despain's ecrc.tar The ECRC benchmarks dobry.txt Dobry's benchmarks References: holmer.tar contains the benchmarks that were used in the papers: Bruce Holmer et al (, "Fast Prolog with an Extended General Purpose Architecture", 17th International Symposium on Computer Architecture, May 1990. Peter Van Roy ( and Alvin Despain, "The Benefits of Global Dataflow Analysis for an Optimizing Prolog Compiler", 1990 North American Conference on Logic Programming, October 1990.
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