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Standard ML of New Jersey: Free implementation of the Standard ML language.

This directory contains Standard ML of New Jersey, version 0.93. It is the first general public release since version 0.75. The release features support for several new machines (i386, rs6000, hppa), less space taken up by compilation and execution, extensive documentation, and almost no remaining bugs. It includes an extensive library of structures and functions with detailed documentation (The Standard ML of New Jersey Library), a system for multithreaded concurrent programming in an extension of Standard ML with synchronous communication channels (the Concurrent ML system, CML), and an elegant concurrent interface to the X Window System (eXene). The eXene system is built on top of Concurrent ML. The release also includes several tools written in SML: a separate compilation and "make" facility (SourceGroup), a lexical analyzer generator (lexgen), a LALR(1) parser generator (mlyacc), a dynamic tree pattern matching code generator generator (mltwig), a rudimentary tool for querying the SML environment (info), a debugger, and a profiler.
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Version: SML-NJ 0.93 (16-FEB-93) Ports: Runs on Sun3, Sun4, HP, NeXT, Macintosh (AUX, MacOS), DEC (MIPS/Ultrix, MACH), MIPS, SGI IRIX, Sony News, IBM RS6000, Sequent I386, Intel 386/486 (BSD/MACH), HP PA (HPUX 8.0). A port to Windows NT is planned. Copying: Copyright (c) 1989-93 by AT&T Bell Laboratories Use, copying, modification, and distribution permitted. (See the readme.txt file for details.) CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Mailing List: To be added to the mailing list, send mail to Author(s): Andrew Appel, David MacQueen, and many more (see the release notes for details) Contact: David MacQueen Room 2A-431 AT&T Bell Laboratories Murray Hill, NJ 07974 USA Tel: 908-582-7691 Andrew W. Appel Department of Computer Science Princeton University 35 Olden Street Princeton, NJ 08544-2087 USA Tel: (609) 258-4627 Fax: (609) 258-1771 Keywords: Authors!Appel, Authors!MacQueen, CML, Concurrent ML, LALR Parser Generator, Lexical Analyzer Generator, ML, Programming Languages!Standard ML, SML, SourceGroup, Standard ML, Standard ML of New Jersey, eXene Contains: mlyacc94.tgz lexgen94.tgz mac.tgz files for the Macintosh under MacOS vax.tgz object files for the VAX sparc.tgz object files for the SPARC (Sun4) rs6000.tgz object files for the RS6000 mipsl.tgz object files for the little-endian MIPS (DECstation) mipsb.tgz object files for the big-endian MIPS (MIPS, SGI) m68.tgz object files for MC68020 (Sun3, HP, Sony, ...) i386.tgz object files for the Intel 386 hppa.tgz object files for the HPPA cml.tgz Concurrent ML (version 0.9.8) exene.tgz eXene 0.4 - a multithreaded X Windows toolkit (based on CML) smlnjlib.tgz the Standard ML of New Jersey Library (version 0.2) tools.tgz tools directory (mlyacc, twig, sourcegroups, ...) contrib.tgz contributed, unsupported software src.tgz source code for the compiler doc.tgz documentation directory (manpages, papers, help, ...) r_notes.txt Release Notes (Raw text) Release Notes (PostScript) References: Robert Harper, Robin Milner, and Mads Tofte, "The Definition of Standard ML", MIT Press. L.C. Paulson, "ML for the Working Programmer", Cambridge University Press. Andrew P. Tolmach and Adam T. Dingle, "Debugging in Standard ML of New Jersey".
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