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386/486 port Franz Lisp.

This directory contains a port by Jeff Dalton of Franz Lisp Opus 38.92 to 386/486 machines running NetBSD 0.9. The distribution includes the interpreter, compiler, and on-line manual
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Version: Opus 38.92 (Jeff Dalton, 16-MAR-94) Requires: NetBSD 0.9 Ports: 386, 486 Updated: Wed Jan 18 16:36:09 1995 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Jeff Dalton Contact: Jeff Dalton AI Applications Institute Edinburgh University Keywords: Authors!Dalton, Edinburgh, Franz Lisp, Lisp!IBM PC, Programming Languages!Franz Lisp Contains: franz.tar.gz the library and sources for rebuilding the system liszt.gz executables for the compiler lisp.gz executables for the interpreter References: [1] Deering, M., Faletti, J., and Wilensky, R., "PEARL: An Efficient Language for Artificial Intelligence Programming", Proceedings of the Seventh International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Vancouver, British Columbia, August, 1981. [2] Deering, M., Faletti, J., and Wilensky, R., "The PEARL Users Manual", Berkeley Electronic Research Laboratory Memorandum No. UCB/ERL/M82/19, March, 1982. [3] Faletti, J., and Wilensky, R., "The Implementation of PEARL", Unpublished memo, 1982.
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