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FEEL: Initial implementation of the EuLisp language.

Feel (Free and Eventually Eulisp) is an initial implementation of the EuLisp language from the University of Bath, UK. EuLisp is sort of like an extended Scheme. It includes an integrated object system, a module system, and support for parallelism. Feel is partly a C-based interpreter and partly a bytecode interpreter/compiler. An out-of-core compiler system is also available. The distribution includes an interface to the PVM library, support for TCP/IP sockets, and libraries for futures, Linda, and CSP. This directory contains the EuLisp language definition, the Feel implementation, and implementations of the EuLisp object system in Common Lisp (Telos) and Scheme (Telosis).
   as the file feel0.90.tgz [] (alt site)

Version: Feel 0.90 (23-NOV-93); Defn 0.99 (31-JUL-93); Comp 0.89 (31-JUL-93) Ports: Feel is known to run on Sun3, Sun4, Stardent Titan, KSR-1, Alliant Concentrix 2800, Orion clippers, DEC VAX, HP 730, DECstation 3000, Gould UTX/32, and Inmos T800 transputer (using CS-Tools). (All bar the last four have a threads mechanism.) It can run in multi-process mode on the first three machines, and hopefully any other SysV-like machine with shared memory primitives. Porting Feel to new machines is reasonably straightforward. It now also runs on MS-DOS machines. Copying: Copyright (c) 1989 Codemist and the University of Bath Use, copying, and distribution permitted, provided the copyright message is retained intact. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Contact: For the FEEL implementation, contact: Pete Broadbery Julian Padget Russell Bradford N. Berrington (MS-DOS port) For the EuLisp language definition, contact: Julian Padget For the EuLisp Object System, implemented in Common Lisp: Russell Bradford For the EuLisp Object System, implemented in Scheme: Keith Keywords: Authors!Berrington, Authors!Bradford, Authors!Broadbery, Authors!Padget, CSP, EuLisp, Feel, Futures, Linda, OOP!EuLisp, OOP!Lisp, OOP!Scheme, Parallelism, Programming Languages!EuLisp, Telosis Contains: mail/ Mailing list archives misc/ Miscellaneous code. telos/ The EuLisp Object System in Scheme and Common Lisp comp/ Sources for the compiler. feel/ Sources for FEEL. doc/ Language definition, overviews, etc. References: Documentation includes: lasc.tar Lisp and Symbolic Computation 6(1-2), 1993, which includes an overview of EuLisp. defn*.tar Various incarnations of the EuLisp language definition. 930901.tar LaTeX source for definition version 0.99 of the EuLisp language. proposal.tar Some EuLisp/Feel proposals and miscellaneous documentation. isolisp.tar Various versions of the ISO Lisp draft standard.
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