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Dylan Mail: Mail archives for the INFO-DYLAN mailing list.

This directory contains the archives of the INFO-DYLAN mailing list.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mailing List: (gatewayed to comp.lang.dylan) The INFO-DYLAN mailing list is for any and all discussions of Dylan, including language design issues, implementation issues, marketing issues, syntax issues, etc. The ANNOUNCE-DYLAN mailing list is for major announcements about Dylan, such as the availability of new implementations, new versions of the manual, etc. This mailing list should be *MUCH* lower volume than INFO-DYLAN. Everything sent to this list is also sent to INFO-DYLAN. TO SUBSCRIBE: Send mail to the -request version of the list to be added to it. You can also send an email message to with "subscribe info-dylan" or "unsubscribe info-dylan" in the body, and likewise for the other lists, mutatis mutandis. Keywords: Dylan, Mail Archives!Dylan, OODL, OOP!Dylan, Programming Languages!Dylan References: ?
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