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Papers about garbage collection, persistence, and memory hierarchy implementation.

surveys.tar.gz Wilson, Paul R., "Uniprocessor Garbage Collection Techniques" Proceedings of the 1992 International Workshop on Memory Management, St. Malo, France, September 1992, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science #637. [Surveys garbage collection techniques. Includes an excellent bibliography.] heaps.bib BibTeX bibliography of garbage collection and (to lesser degrees) memory hierarchies and other aspects of heap management (like persistence). "Collection Schemes for Distributed Garbage" by Abdullahi, Miranda, and Ringwood. Also appears in the 1992 IWMM proceedings. papers.tar.gz "Caching Considerations for Generational Garbage Collection", by Wilson, Lam, and Moher, 1992 ACM Symposium on Lisp and Functional Programming, San Francisco, California, June 1992. Old draft of a paper about Wilson's non-copying hard real-time incremental garbage collection. (A shorter and more up-to-date paper about the same system is in GC93/ GC90.tar.gz Papers from the first (1990) OOPSLA GC workshop, organized by Eric Jul and Niels-Christian Juul. GC91.tar.gz Most of the papers from the 1991 OOPSLA Workshop on Garbage Collection in Object-Oriented Systems, organized by Wilson and Hayes. Henry Baker's Treadmill paper is not included; an improved version was published in SIGPLAN Notices a few months after the workshop. GC93.tar.gz Papers from the 1993 OOPSLA workshop on Memory Management and Garbage Collection, organized by Eliot Moss, Paul Wilson, and Ben Zorn.

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