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CLOS Code Library: User contributed CLOS code.

Contains user-contributed CLOS code, including: 3d_geom.tar 3D Geometry classes, Version 0.5. Defines classes and methods for Line, Plane, Implicit-Plane, Explicit-Plane, and Sphere. Also defines functions for common vector operations. Written by Daniel LaLiberte CORBA Information about the Common Object Request Broker Architecture Specification (CORBA). Classes for directed acyclic graph structures. Version 1.0, Oct 1992. Written by Daniel LaLiberte . flavors.tar (artificial-flavors.lisp) A straightforward partial implementation of Symbolics New Flavors in PCL. Updated for "5/22/89 Victoria PCL", 13 September 89, CLOS version 24 Aug 90. Written by Michael Travers 8 Dec 88. util.tar A set of CLOS utilities, including a CLOS class-defining macro and utilities to keep track of instances based on names. Written by Marty Hall or 410-792-6000 x3440. []
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: 3d Geometry, Authors!Hall, Authors!LaLiberte, Authors!Travers, CLOS Code Library, CORBA, DAG, Define-Class, Directed Acyclic Graphs, Flavors, Lisp!Code, OOP!Lisp References: ?
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