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Allegro CL Web Version: Free implementation of Common Lisp for Windows

Allegro CL 3.0 Web Version for Windows is a fully functional and free version of Franz's Dynamic Object Oriented Programming Development System for ANSI standard CLOS, with some limitations. This version includes an in-core native 32-bit compiler, a drag & drop Interface Builder, full debugging and development tools and an editor. The limitations are: limited heap size, no foreign function support, missing compile-file, missing disassembler and missing save-image. The documentation fully explains these capabilities. The Web Version is unsupported. Franz sells a supported version of this software, Allegro CL for Windows, without these limitations. Contact Franz at the address below for more information.

Version: 3.0 Requires: 16mb RAM, 20mb swap space, 4mb disk space for files. Ports: Microsoft Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11. Copying: Freely distributable for noncommercial purposes. You must get permission from Franz before distributing any modified versions of this software. Commercial uses of the Web Version are strictly prohibited without Franz consent. Please register using their web page. Updated: Thu Nov 16 15:02:29 1995 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 2-1 Bug Reports: (This software is unsupported, so they may not get back to you. Nevertheless, Franz is interested in improving this software, so comments, suggestions, and bug reports are still welcome.) Mailing List: To receive Franz Flash, Franz's electronic newsletter, send mail to Author(s): Contact: Franz Inc. 1995 University Avenue Berkeley, CA 94704 Tel: 1-800-3-CLOS-NOW (1-510-548-3600) Fax: 1-510-548-8253 Telex: 340179 WUPUBTLXSFO URL: Keywords: Allegro CL, Franz, Lisp!Implementations, Programming Languages!Lisp References: ?
Last Updated November 16, 1995 15:07:13