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Allegro CL: Information about Allegro Common Lisp.

Allegro Common Lisp 4.1 is a high performance commercial Common Lisp implementation. It includes native CLOS, X-windows support, Unix interface, incremental compilation, generational garbage collection, and a foreign function interface. Options include Allegro Composer (development environment, including debugger, inspector, object browser, time/space code profiler, and a graphical user interface, $1,500), Common LISP Interface Manager (CLIM 2.0 is a portable high-level user interface management system. CLIM 2.0 for Allegro CL supports both Motif and Openlook, $1,000) and Allegro CLIP (a parallel version of Lisp for the Sequent). Franz also markets Allegro CL\PC for Windows 3.1. Allegro CL\PC provides 32-bit compilation, complete CLOS, an integrated development environment, interface to the Windows API, DLL support, and free runtime delivery. Included in this directory is a copy of the Allegro CL FAQ dated 7/28/93.

Version: 4.1 Requires: 12mb RAM for the 680x0 and 16mb for RISC. Ports: Sparcs, RS6000, HP700, Silicon Graphics, DecStation (prices start at $4,500) and NeXT ($2,000). Allegro CL\PC for Windows 3.1. Copying: Commercial product. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Mailing List: To receive Franz Flash, Franz's electronic newsletter, send mail to Contact: Franz Inc. 1995 University Avenue Berkeley, CA 94704 Tel: 1-800-333-7260 (510-548-3600) Fax: 510-548-8253 Telex: 340179 WUPUBTLXSFO Keywords: Allegro CL, Franz, Lisp!Implementations, Programming Languages!Lisp References: ?
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