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XWIN: Simple X windows for text output from LISP

XWIN is a simple hack for getting X-window text output from a LISP program. Rather than be tied into a LISP graphics package, it uses a shellscript to do the windows stuff, and drives the shell script from Lisp. This makes refresh run quite quickly. The code is short -- a page or two of Lisp code including comments -- but lets you manage several X windows by name. On the LISP end the program refers to the X windows by name (a symbol or other EQ-able object). It would have been even easier to just pass back the streams and let the program output to them directly, but that would require that the program pass them around or store them globally somewhere. It also puts the need to do FORCE-OUTPUTs in the hands of the main program. So XWIN lets the interface to maintain the list of streams.

   posted 30-DEC-91 to comp.lang.lisp

Version: 30-DEC-91 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Bruce Krulwich The Institute for the Learning Sciences, Evanston, IL Keywords: Authors!Krulwich, GUI!Lisp, Graphics, HCI, ILS, X-Windows, XWIN References: ?
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