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XIT: X User Interface Toolkit

XIT (X User Interface Toolkit) is an object-oriented user interface development environment for the X Window System based on Common Lisp, CLOS, CLX, and CLUE. It has been developed by the Research Group DRUID at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Stuttgart ( as a framework for Common Lisp/CLOS applications with graphical user interfaces for the X Window System. XIT contains user interface toolkits, including general building blocks and mechanisms for building arbitrary user interface elements and a set of predefined common elements (widgets), as well as high-level interactive tools for constructing, inspecting, and modifying user interfaces by means of direct manipulation. Although the system kernel is quite stable, XIT is still under active development.
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Version: 5.9.4 (21-JUL-93) Requires: CLOS, CLX, CLUE Copying: Copyright (c) 1992, 1993 by Research Group DRUID Use, copying, and distribution permitted. Modification for personal use (but not redistribution) permitted. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Author(s): Juergen Herczeg, Hubertus Hohl, Matthias Ressel Contact: Research group DRUID University of Stuttgart Department of Computer Science Breitwiesenstr. 20-22 D-70565 Stuttgart Germany Fax: +49 711 780 10 45 Phone: +49 711 7816 {364,359} Keywords: Authors!Herczeg, Authors!Hohl, Authors!Ressel, Direct Manipulation, GUI!Lisp, GUI!Requires CLOS, GUI!Requires CLUE, GUI!Requires CLX, Graphics, HCI, Interface Builders, Widgets, X-Windows, XIT References: ?
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