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WINTERP (Widget INTERPreter) is an application development environment developed at HP. It enables the rapid prototyping of graphical user-interfaces through direct manipulation of user interface objects and their attached actions. WINTERP provides an interface to the X11 toolkit (Xt) and the OSF/Motif widget set and a built-in RPC mechanism for inter-application communication. It includes an object-oriented 2.5D graphics and animation widget based on the Xtango path transition animation system, the XmGraph graph browser (with graph nodes as arbitrary WINTERP widgets), and GIF image support. The interpreter is based on David Betz's XLISP interpreter, which implements a small subset of Common Lisp and runs on PCs, Decstation 3100s, HP9000s, Sun3, Sparcs, SGI, and NeXT. XLISP provides a simple Smalltalk-like object system, with OSF/Motif widgets as real XLISP objects -- they can be specialized via subclassing, methods added or altered, etc. WINTERP includes an interface to GNU-Emacs which allows code to be developed and tested without leaving the editor. WINTERP is a free-standing Lisp-based tool for setting up window applications.
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   Available free in X contrib directory, or by anonymous
   ftp from
   as the file winterp-???.tar.gz where ??? is the version number.
   Also available from
   If you do not have Internet access you may request the
   source code to be mailed to you by sending a message to

Version: 2.03 (24-JUL-94) Requires: Xt and Motif, xlisp Ports: Runs on IBM PCs, DecStation 3100, HP9000s, Sun3, Sparcs, SGI, NeXT, 386/486 PC (Linux), IBM RS/6000 (AIX 3.2.5). Copying: Copyright (C) 1994, Enterprise Integration Technologies Corp. and Niels Mayer. WINTERP 1.15-1.99, Copyright (c) 1993, Niels P. Mayer. WINTERP 1.0-1.14, Copyright (c) 1989-92 Hewlett-Packard Co. and Niels Mayer. Use, copying, modification, and distribution permitted. Updated: Wed Oct 12 22:11:50 1994 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mailing List: (announcements only) To be added to the list, send mail to Discussion of XLISP is on comp.lang.lisp.x Contact: Niels Mayer or Enterprise Integration Technologies 800 El Camino Real, Fourth Floor Menlo Park, CA 94025 URL: Keywords: Authors!Mayer, GUI!Lisp, Graphics, HCI, HP, Motif, WINTERP, Widgets, X-Windows, XLISP, Xt Contains: xlisp/ The version of XLISP used with WINTERP v202/ The source code for version 2.02 of WINTERP (X11r6) v201/ The source code for version 2.01 of WINTERP (X11r6) v113/ The source code for version 1.13 of WINTERP (X11r5) papers/ Some documentation and papers about WINTERP References: ?
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