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LispView: A GUI that doesn't use CLX.

LispView is a GUI written at Sun that does not use CLX. Instead it converts Xlib.h directly into Lucid foreign function calls. It is intended to be fast and tight. LispView includes a general-purpose 2D grapher library, an interface to Sun's XGL 2.0 3D graphics library, and a generic scrollable list package. In addition to the usual X-Windows output functions for windows, LispView supports a sophisticated input model for handling events. LispView can also translate an interface developed with the OpenWindows(TM) Developers' Guide (Devguide) Interface Builder. The manual is in the doc/ subdirectory in PostScript (ps.tar.gz) or FrameMaker (frame.tar.gz) formats. The source code is in source.tar.gz and includes the generic source interface to the XView(TM) 2.0 libraries. The XView 2.0 libraries (with a patched libolgx) are in xview-libs.tar.gz. A LispView module built from the sources can be found in lispview-user.tar.gz. Demos, translators to/from Devguide, and some test files can be found in guide-etc.tar.gz. Utilities are in util.tar.gz.
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Version: 1.1 (8-NOV-91); Fixes 13-JAN-92 Requires: CLOS Ports: Sun CL and Lucid CL CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mailing List: Discussion should take place in the comp.lang.lisp or newsgroups. Author(s): Hans Muller Contact: Direct questions about the source provision to Keywords: Authors!Muller, Devguide, GUI!Lisp, GUI!Requires CLOS, Graphics, HCI, LispView, X-Windows, Xlib References: ?
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