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GARNET: One of the biggest and best GUIs for Lisp.

Garnet is a large and flexible GUI that includes lots of high-level features. It does *not* depend on CLOS, but uses its own custom object system (called KR) instead. Garnet (version 2.0 and after) is now in the public domain, and has no licensing restrictions, so it is available to all foreign sites and for commercial uses. Garnet includes the Lapidiary interactive design tool, C32 constraint editor, spreadsheet object, Gilt Interface Builder, automatic display management, two widget sets (Motif look-and-feel and Garnet look-and-feel), support for gesture recognition, and automatic constraint maintenance, application data layout and PostScript generation. Garnet helps implement highly-interactive, graphical, direct manipulation programs for X11 in Common Lisp. Typical applications include: drawing programs similar to Macintosh MacDraw, user interfaces for expert systems and other AI applications, box and arrow diagram editors, graphical programming languages, game user interfaces, simulation and process monitoring programs, user interface construction tools, CAD/CAM programs, etc.

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Version: 2.2 (15-OCT-93) Requires: CLX Ports: Allegro CL, Lucid CL, CMU CL, Harlequin Lispworks, AKCL, CLISP and TI Explorer Lisps. The AKCL version is quite slow and hence not recommended. Copying: Use, copying, modification, and distribution permitted. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Mailing List: newsgroup Gatewayed to (Send requests to be added to this list to if you don't have access to netnews.) Author(s): Brad A. Myers School of Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University 5000 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890 Contact: Keywords: AGATE, Authors!Myers, C32, CAD/CAM, CORAL, Drawing Programs, GEM, GILT Interface Builder, GUI!Lisp, GUI!Requires CLX, GUI!Requires KR, Garnet, Gesture Recognition, Graphics, HCI, JADE, KR, LAPIDIARY, MARQUISE, Motif, OPAL, PostScript, Public Domain, Spreadsheets, Widgets, X-Windows References: The manual, which has been completely revised for version 2.2, is available with the distribution. It is about 600 pages long. If you cannot print out the documentation, they will send you a hardcopy if you send a check for US$35 made out to "Carnegie Mellon University" to the address given above. For an overview of Garnet, see IEEE Computer 23(11):71-85, November 1990. A number of old articles about Garnet were collected into a CMU Technical Report: "The Garnet Compendium: Collected Papers, 1989-1990" CMU-CS-90-154, August 1990. A new compendium has recently been printed including 9 recent papers: "The Second Garnet Compendium: Collected Papers, 1990-1992" CMU-CS-93-108, February 1993. To order either tech report, send mail to The Garnet FAQ is also available in the distribution.
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