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CLX: Common Lisp X binding

CLX provides basic Common Lisp/X functionality. It is a de facto standard low-level interface to X, providing equivalent functionality to XLib, but in Lisp. It is also a good source for comparing the foreign function calls in various Lisps. It does *not* depend on CLOS. [Note: The R6 version is clearly different from the R5 version, and it is distributed with X11R6, so we're just going to assume that it is indeed the R6 version of CLX.]

   Available free as part of the X release in the contrib
   directory.  Also available from (formerly
   as the files CLX.Manual.tar.Z and CLX.R5.02.tar.Z.

Version: R6 (17-APR-94); R5.02 (3-SEP-92) Requires: X Windows CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Author(s): Robert W. Scheifler (Primary Interface Author) Keywords: Authors!Scheifler, CLX, GUI!Lisp, Graphics, HCI, Lisp!Sockets, Sockets References: The 232 page programmer's reference manual is available in /pub/R5untarred/mit/hardcopy/CLX (PostScript format) and /pub/R5untarred/mit/doc/CLX (Interleaf source). The tar file (CLX.Manual.tar.Z) contains the manual in PostScript format.
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