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CLM, GINA, and IB: Common Lisp Motif, Generic INteractive Application, and Interface Builder

CLM (Common Lisp Motif) runs OSF/Motif widgets in a separate C process, with minimal work on the Lisp side and communicates between C and Lisp using TCP sockets. When CLX is loaded before compiling CLM, client programs can also use the CLX graphics functions to draw into Motif widgets, especially into widgets of classes XmDrawingArea and XmDrawnButton. GINA (Generic INteractive Application) is an application framework based on Common Lisp and OSF/Motif to simplify the construction of graphical interactive applications. It is a class library implemented in CLOS. IB (Interface Builder) is an interactive tool implemented with GINA to design Motif windows. It generates Lisp code to be used with GINA.

   Available free in the X contrib directory or by
   anonymous ftp from either (formerly or []
   as the files CLM+GINA.README, CLM2.2.tar.Z and GINA2.2.tar.Z.

Version: 2.2, 11-NOV-92 Requires: CLM requires OSF/Motif 1.1 or higher. GINA requires CLM and CLX, and CLOS or PCL. Ports: CLM runs in Allegro CL, CMU CL, Lucid CL, and Symbolics Genera. Copying: Publicly available under terms similar to the X Window System. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mailing List: Author(s): GINA: Mike Spenke CLM: Andreas Baecker IB: Thomas Berlage Contact: Mike Spenke is the primary contact. Mike Spenke, Project GINA GMD (German National Research Center for Computer Science) P.O. Box 1316 W-5205 Sankt Augustin 1 Germany Keywords: Authors!Baecker, Authors!Berlage, Authors!Spenke, CLM, GINA, GMD, GUI!Lisp, GUI!Requires CLOS, GUI!Requires CLX, Graphics, HCI, IB, Lisp!Sockets, Motif, Sockets, X-Windows References: Documentation is included in the distribution.
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