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CL-Testsuite: Tests Common Lisp (CLtL1) implementations.

Two test suites for testing Common Lisp implementations for conformance to the first edition of Guy Steele's "Common Lisp the Language". The original version, in xcltest.tar.gz (xcl-testsuite.tar), was built by researchers at ISST of FhG for their Common Lisp implementation named XCL. The file testcl.tar.gz (testsuite.tar) was adapted to CLISP by Brune Haible. The test suite is not complete in any sense, but may be useful in uncovering bugs in an implementation.
Copying: Copyright by the ISST of FhG. May be distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Updated: 9/23/93 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Contact: XCL original: Horst Friedrich, ISST of FhG Ingo Mohr, ISST of FhG Ulrich Kriegel, ISST of FhG Windfried Heicking, ISST of FhG Rainer Rosenmueller, ISST of FhG Institut fur Software- und Systemtechnik der Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (Fraunhofer Institute for Software Engineering and Systems Engineering) Kurstrae 33 D-O-1086 Berlin Germany CLISP version: Bruno Haible Universitut Karlsruhe Mathematisches Institut II Kaiserstrae 12 D-W7500 Karlsruhe 1 Germany Keywords: Authors!Friedrich, Authors!Haible, Authors!Heicking, Authors!Kriegel, Authors!Mohr, Authors!Rosenmueller, Benchmarks!Lisp, CL-Testsuite, CLtL1, GNU GPL, Lisp, Lisp!Standards, Lisp!Test Suite, Standards!Lisp, XCL References:
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